Data Entry Infrastructure
for agricultural supply chains

We will introduce an easier way to upload and analyse supply chain data, to enhance planning, manage supply chain risks, and reduce wastage in farming.

photo of chicken barns
 flock performance
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Access powerful and helpful insights through LLM chatbots and OCR.

We understand that without accurate data, proper decision-making cannot be made. That's why we convert your handwritten data into digital formats using a powerful suite of AI tools, so no piece of information is left behind.

Effortless Data Entry

Our data entry tools enable seamless uploading of handwritten reports from farm to factory, ensuring secure cloud-based access to your supply chain data.

Upload Data Anywhere

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    Online form to upload handwritten reports, and save valuable time
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    For larger clients, API integrations are also available

Get Reports In Real-Time

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    Access latest data from your native ERP system
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    Customisable chatbots to simplify data analysis and searches

Predict On Demand

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    Request predictions for specific targets
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    Predict up to 2-weeks in advance
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    Set automated alerts if supply chain risks are identified

Accurate digitalisation

We use advanced machine learning techniques to digitalise  technical agricultural reports.

Assistant chatbots

Your flock performance is low?
Not enough time to analyse farm data?We will have you covered.

Developer-friendly API access

Easily integrate Beakbook's data into your existing ERP and unlock more value with custom analyses.

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