Harvest prediction
for ethical, sustainable farming

We introduce a new way of applying Industry 4.0 to enhance animal welfare, protect financial security, and reduce wastage in farming.

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Predicting bird weights with AI to improve planning and welfare

We’re the most complete weight prediction tool on market. With Beakbook, you can accurately predict harvest weights without changing anything on the farm and deliver the most reliable service to your customers.

Access powerful and helpful insights through AI weight prediction.

We understand that without accurate data, proper decision-making cannot be made. That's why we bundle your data with a powerful suite of analytics tools to make the most of the information gathered.

Effortless Interactions

Our online form allows you to quickly access the latest predictions about the health of your chickens.

Predict On Demand

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    Request prediction for specific target weights
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    Predict up to 2-weeks in advance
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    Set automated notifications if target weight changes date

Upload Data Anywhere

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    Online form to upload your flock performance, and receive predictions
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    For larger clients, API integrations are also available

Get Reports In Real-Time

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    Access latests predictions from your mobile phone or computer
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    Customisable reports and data access for each user

Accurate predictions

We use advanced machine learning techniques to accurately predict the future weight of your flock.

Automatic Alerts

Your flock performance is low?
Narrow weight requirement?
We will make sure you know it in time.

Developer-friendly API access

Easily integrate Beakbook's data into your existing ERP and unlock more value with custom analyses.

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Next generation weighing systems

We redesigned the whole data collection pipeline from the ground up to generate the best predictions possible. Our proprietary scales and algorithms work hand in hand to provide you with the most accurate flock metrics on the market.

Robust scales for accurate data collection.

Our specialised units collect data from multiple chickens at once, without relying on standard growth curves.

  • Hyper accurate, with over 97% accuracy in predicted and real-time monitoring
  • No reliance on standard growth curves for weight estimation
  • Withstands exposure to ammonia and industrial disinfectants
  • Accessible pricing that's tailored to farmers
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